Everything You Need To Know Before Planning A Bathroom For Your Home

Bathrooms are an integral part of our homes. In today's time, there are hardly any homes without bathroom, attached or unattached. So designing a perfect bathroom is of utmost importance. When it comes to great bathroom design, the inspiration is endless. So in this section, I'll try to give some suggestions for setting up the perfect bathrooms for your homes.

Each bathroom consists of mainly three areas - the place where you put the faucet or the sink, the toilet area and the bath or shower area.

The Toilet Area:

First, let me explain about the water closet. This is the segment that undergoes a maximum update. Before European intervention, we used the Indian style squat closets in toilets. Later came the European water closets (E.W.C) of which Wall hung toilets and Floor mounted toilets are the two major European water closet types available in the market. The newest innovation in this segment is the launch of electronic toilets. 70% of domestic toilets used in our homes these days are Wall hung toilets with a concealed flush system, mainly because it is hygienic than the latter. Jaquar has revolutionized the concealed flush system with the launch of the 'i flush' - an innovative flush system that draws water directly from the water line using a pneumatic system. I flush is the future of flushing systems. These are the major types of closets available in the market for making a perfect bathroom. According to “India Sanitary Ware Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018”, water closets holds the majority revenue share in the overall sanitary ware market followed by cisterns and basins, however with the significant rise in high net worth individuals, urbanization, standard of living, the demand for pedestals, bidets, etc., is also expected to increase in the next five year period. It is forecasted that India’s sanitary ware market will grow at the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of about 12% during 2013 - 20. From this one can understand the importance of the toilet area in a bathroom.

Washbasin and Sink:

Wash basins are an important feature that adds elegance to your bathrooms. Earlier washbasins were just plainly attached to the wall with a visible waste water drain. Later the pedestal models were introduced. It could conveniently hide the waste drains and give extended support. Fully pedestals were replaced by half pedestal models for the ease of cleaning the floor and wall beneath it. It also looked better than it's a predecessor. Then came the counter type basins that had counters below it or on top of it to store towels, soaps and other pieces of stuff. Counter type faucets require a larger area to house it, so it is advised for larger bathrooms. Another development is of the integrated basins. While the earlier pedestals and basins came as two separate pieces, integrated wash basins came with a single piece of basin and pedestal joined together. Integrated basins are most ideal for normal bathrooms. The cabinet wash basin is yet another development in this segment. It comes as a set of a washbasin, mirror and a cabin underneath to store bathroom essentials. It's the biggest advantage is that since these come as a ready-made set, they are easy to install and replace. When coming to the shape of the basin, the current market trend indicates that there is a huge reception for bowl-shaped basins.

Faucet & Taps:

It is better to select the taps that match your basin. It is very important to choose what type of basin you want and what taps matches it beforehand as once the plumbing lines are done it'll be hard to change or replace them. The next segment we're going to look into is the bath or shower area. This determines the beauty and budget of your bathrooms. We must be really careful about the designs of the shower area as it is constantly evolving segment and new trends are being introduced daily. Bathtubs, shower systems, and pipes. There are a wide variety of tubs and shower systems available including fully automated intelligent shower systems. Apart from the single top shower, there are shower cubicles, water jet showers that project water from the adjacent walls to our body. The rain shower is another model. Showertronics IV6 is one fully automated shower system that can control the rate of flow, it's speed, water temperature and a wide variety of other features all through a touch screen panel. These segments are called intelligent bathrooms or automated bathrooms. We can control everything in the bathrooms including faucets, showers, and flushes with these touch screen pads. Automated bathrooms is a product of advanced technology. Brands like jaquar have introduced advanced shower systems like Showertronic, toilet systems like Bidspa remote, etc by creating technologically rich bath systems. One can control the faucets, showers, and flushes using a remote or a touchscreen pad. These futuristic technology's main advantage is that it can conserve water to a great extent as it does not allow even a single drop to be wasted.


while designing a perfect bathroom one must choose between what he desires and that fits his budget the most. Space is a very important aspect. One must also predefine the wet and dry areas of the bathroom. While designing a bathroom it is advised to do all the fittings like faucets, water closet, and showers onto a single wall and keep the others free and intact. But sadly this is possible only in the case of larger bathrooms. Anyways, first we must decide where to install the water closet, showers and basins, whether it is wall hung or floor mounted. The size of the bathroom is an important aspect and designs should match with the size. Since bathrooms are an important part of each home, it's designed must be done with utmost precision and care. We must have a clear picture of what we want and must do all the plumbing, tiling and electrical works that match it.

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